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Jeypore Creations is a family owned  business that stands on the grounds of elegance and style . We have been manufacturing silver and gold jewelry since 1995 and our unit  offers an array of traditional and contemporary jewelry designs in gold, diamonds, precious stones and other precious metals. We provide comprehensive solutions for Designer jewelry, Cast Fabricated jewelry and High end Handcrafted jewelry .Our manufacturing is executed by highly skilled artisans who creates a Piece with great detailing keeping in mind the objective of customers .Our talented designers and agile craftsmen are pivotal in the development , design and manufacturing of our masterpieces .We combine expertise and creative imagination to deliver outstanding products with unique design . Thorough attention at every stage right from concept to the end product is ensured for customer satisfaction .

We showcase a wide range of exquisite jewelry studded with diamonds & precious/semi-precious stone. We offer you an incredible variety of jewelry including Rings , Bracelets , Earrings , Necklaces , Cuff-links , Charms … Our collection is in Gold , Gold & Silver (Hyderabadi jewelry ) all studded with sparkling Diamonds , vibrant Color Stones and quality Diamond Uncut .

Our main focus is to deliver superior and fabulous products with timely delivery for utmost customer satisfaction . Our products at an incredible price will make you feel great about your purchases .


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